Personalization Tips


Please double check the spellings of names that have multiple spellings….such as Kaitlin, Catelyn, Caitlyn, and so forth.  

When writing in family names there is no apostrophe!  For example, the Perkins family ends in “s”.   The correct plural form of a name ending in “s”, such as Perkins is Perkinses.   Since this looks very awkward, we recommend “The Perkins Family”, not Perkins’s , “The Perkins”, or “The Perkins’ since none of these are correct.   

If there are family members with different last names we suggest that you write “Merry Christmas”, “Christmas 2012” or the appropriate year, or just the year.

Paw prints are added for free when writing a dog or cat’s name on an ornament. 

On a family ornament…if a mother is pregnant, writing “Baby-to-Be” or “?” would be cute on one of the children.

If we cannot fit the names or words you have requested into a space we will contact you via email.  

The person who fills your order will be the one writing on all of your ornaments for that order.  We cannot guarantee that the lettering you will receive will be exactly like the samples shown, but we can guarantee you that it will be attractive lettering and properly centered.   All lettering is done with a black extra fine point permanent marker.   If we have made a mistake in the lettering we will replace the ornament for free, but if YOU have made the mistake, please email us ASAP and if the order has not been filled yet, we can correct it.   We try to personalize our ornaments as soon as possible after the order arrives.   If you notice that you have made an error please email us at  If it has not already been shipped it is possible for us to correct it.  If we cannot make the corrections we will notify you by email.  

If you enter the wrong shipping address and the ornament gets returned to Kaitlin’s Personalized Creations, we cannot be responsible for the cost of reshipping and/or replacing an order.  In such cases, all costs associated with reshipping the order to the customer to the corrected address must be paid  by the customer before the order is replaced and/or reshipped. 

Please open your items on receipt and inspect them…if there is an error contact us promptly via email at  Please send a photo of the cracked or broken ornament.   We carefully inspect each ornament we send, but sometimes the act of shipping may cause some damage to it. 


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